3D printer & Jewelry

3D printing and Jewellery

3D printers make it possible for jewellers and designers to visualize their designs more effectively. Several professionals in the jewel making industry now make use of 3D printing technology to implement designs within shorter periods of time with prototyping playing a key role. High definition printers provide an affordable, reliable and user friendly means of producing jewellery models which have intricate details. These models can be made from plastic, resin or any other polymer using a 3D printer. For the manufacturing of jewellery using precious metals, 3D printing can be used during the design phase to create a lost wax mold which will then be used to cast the precious metal such as gold or silver, for example.

Precision and speed in the jewellery industry

DOnce the CA0 3D modelling software has been acquired, it is possible to create jewellery within a short period of time. 3D printers make it possible to obtain high definition casting models capable of providing intricately detailed items with a perfect finish. 3D printing is capable of meeting the needs of various stakeholders within the jewellery and luxury items industries and is suitable for large organizations interested in creating items in small quantities as well as individuals interested in creating single items. It is also used in the watch making industry to facilitate the creation of functional prototypes within short periods of time.