3D Printer and the medical sector

3D printing technology makes it possible for manufacturers of medical items, doctors and researchers to create objects for use in patient care and up to date experimental work.

Biocompatible materials are used for the rapid prototyping of medical and dental products such as dental appliances and orthopaedic and hearing aids. 3D printing materials used in the field of medicine provide objects which possess a perfect finish and high levels of stability.

##A simplified and prompt means of creating and testing medical devices

Up until very recently, medical prototypes were rarely used due to issues of cost and time. The advent of 3D printing however, has made it possible for manufacturers of medical items to develop ready-made medical prototypes for clinical trials. It has also provided a more simplified and prompt means of testing and verifying the shapes, adaptability and functionality of medical devices.

CAO models can additionally be used to create small sized medical devices.