3D printer and the dental sector

By using 3D scanning in connection with oral pathways, CAO conception and 3D dental printers, dental laboratories can produce dental crowns, dental implants, plasters and a range of orthodontic products with high levels of precision within short periods of time.

##The dental sector: doing it all with 3D printing 3D dental printing involves simple procedures and the use of specialized dental printing materials. 3D dental printers can be used to create dental crowns, dental implants, dental plasters, orthodontic products, reception and positioning trays, mouthpieces and transparent objects.

##Enhancing the production process 3D dental printing makes it possible for you to improve production periods and the productivity of your workshops. In addition, working with digital models ensures that you are able to store your collection of client files at no additional cost. 3D dental printing also makes it possible for you to provide your clients with enhanced levels of service by creating objects perfectly adapted to suit their needs.

##A rapid return on investment With a range of materials completely adapted to clinical and dental laboratories, 3D dental printing can be conducted at affordable prices with exceptional speed and precision.