Rapid Prototyping

##What is rapid prototyping? 3D rapid prototyping is a process through which concept models can be created within short periods of time, at controlled costs. Rapid prototyping machines enhance the ease with which models closely resembling the final product are created, considerably enhancing communications and the decision making process during projects while controlling costs.

##Communications and marketing Using rapid prototyping machines to create 3D prototypes enhances communications between various departments in the same organization. Creating a physical model makes it possible for the decision making process to be completed created within a shorter period of time. In the same manner using multi-coloured prototypes made by 3D colour printers enhances communication between clients.

3D prototyping source: Creative Tools via Flickr

##Shape and design authentication 3D printers make it possible to create a single finished object at reduced costs. Te object may be made from different materials and have different textures (buttons, joints). They also enhance the ease with which the shape and the ergonomics of the object can be authenticated and with which conceptual issues can be identified. Rapid prototyping is ideal for ensuring the decision making process of your projects is completed within a shorter periods of time.

Rapid Prototyping source: Creative Tools via Flickr

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