##3DP: the technology

Like laser sintering, 3DP is an additive manufacturing process which involves the distribution of powdered plastic on a printing platform. The print head dispenses a binding agent in the same manner that an inkjet printer dispenses ink on paper. The binding agent binds the particles together, solidifying them at specific points. The print head respects the 3D model and prints only where it should.

When a layer is formed, the printing platform is lowered by a distance which equals its thickness. The entire process is then repeated until every layer has been completed. The finished product is heated to complete the process of solidification and then cleaned to remove any excess powder.

##3DP: Technical Characteristics

Property Three Dimensional Printing
Abbreviation 3DP
Type of Material Powder
Materials used Ferrous metals such as Stainless steel; Non-ferrous metals such as Bronze; Elastomers; Composites; Ceramics
Maximum object size (in cm)150 x 75 x 70
Minimum characteristic size (po)0.008
Maximum Resolution 0.00508
Tolerance (in cm)±0.01016
Finish Rough
Printing speed very fast
applicationsConcept models, Limited functional testing, Architectural & landscape models, Color industrial design models, Consumer goods & packaging