Professional 3D Printer

** Professional 3D Printers are designed to cater to businesses which require rapid prototyping rapid prototyping, design or form validation, packaging and architectural modelling such as consultancy firms, architectural firms and design studios.**

They can also be used in the medical field to create prosthetics using materials which have been specifically adapted to meet medical norms. In addition, professional 3D printers used for rapid tooling purposes are used to create lost wax and silicon moulds.

Professional 3D Printers: Prices and Materials

Professional 3d printer prices range between 5 000€ and 80 000€ (without counting the cost of consumables). The main manufactures of 3D printers include: 3D Systems, Stratasys. EOS, EnvisionTEC and Arcam. In addition to providing 3D printers, they also provide a range of professional applications including polyamide ABS which can be printed in various colours. L’objet 3D makes the printing of multi material plastic possible while EnvisionTEC printers are capable of using wax to create objects requiring high levels of precision such as moulds for jewellery or for medical purposes.