3D Printing and Automotive

3D automotive printing makes it possible for design engineers and automobile designers to build durable prototype concept models, equipment and finished products in low quantities.

##3D printing and the automobile industry 3D automotive printing in the automobile industry leans towards iterative work permitting testing free of budgetary constraints, fluidifying the production chain. In 3D car design, it is ideal for creating resistant automobile prototypes and products using high quality production engineering thermoplastics.

3D printer and automotive source: Hsin-Cheng Lin via Flickr

##Replacing CNC production Replacing objects created by CNC production which are costly and take a long time to produce with 3D printed objects makes it possible to lower production costs. Printed plastic gives better results, weighs less and can be used to create highly complex forms which would be difficult to create using traditional manufacturing techniques.

##Creating more adaptable tools For portable devices used on assembly lines, engineers can use 3D printing to create tools which are perfectly adaptable ad which provide better results than conventional tools.

##Testing and identifying design problems In certain cases in 3D car design, the use of CAO models alone is insufficient to detect design problems. Under such circumstances, engineers make use of 3D printing to detect design problems which would have otherwise passed through the initial design phase undetected.

3D printer and automotive source: Hsin-Cheng Lin via Flickr