Electronic Beam Melting

Electron beam melting : Technology

Like DMLS, the electron beam melting process i.e. the fusing of materials using beamed electrons, makes it possible to produce metal objects within a short period of time, using powdered metal and an electron beam melting machines. A 3000 Watts electron beam heats the powdered substance at specific points which heats the material and fuses the powdered particles transforming the material into solid form.
The printing area of electron beam melting machines is constantly emptied by a wind tunnel ensuring the solidity of the objects which are produced due to accumulated density.

E Beam: advantages

  • Rapid production of objects
  • Solidity of objects
  • A reduced quantity of resources used compared to Sls

E Beam: limitations

  • Thorough cleaning of produced objects
  • Finishing

E Beam: Resolution

Electron beam melting machines possess resolutions between 50and 200 microns.

E Beam: Costs

An electron beam melting machine costs between 1 and 1.5 million dollars.

E Beam: Applications

  • The medical industry
  • The aerospace industry
  • The Automobile industry